Welcome to my book review blog! I’m Thea, and I love to read. I’ll mostly post book reviews on this blog, but only positive ones because I’m not into hating on another person’s hard work. Sometimes I’ll post a random book thought, but I’ll try to keep that to a minimum.

Want me to review your book?

I can definitely take recommendations and suggestions. Here’s what I prefer to read:

  • Science fiction of any type. Hello cyberpunk, hard SF, space opera, science fantasy. The nerdier the better.
  • Fantasy, any type.
  • Horror, preferably monster or psychological. Splatterpunk isn’t my favorite thing, but if the story is good I’ll read it.
  • Anything eccentric. Bizarre is good!
  • Urban fantasy is okay.

What I prefer not to read:

  • Pure romance or erotica
  • Poetry
  • Anything “spiritual”
  • If AI made it, I probably don’t want to read it
  • Children’s books (young adult and new adult are okay)

If you know the best book in the entire universe that I just have to read, drop me a line in the Contact page above!